Open Meeting Minutes September 10, 2020

FOS Meeting 9/10/20


  • Ayrolyn Keady – President
  • Jen Bowen Cross – Secretary
  • Andera Martin – Vice President
  • Kerri Wilson – Treasurer
  • Telissa Roemer (Ms. I) – 3rd Grade Remote Teacher
  • Katie Zaback – Parent of first grader
  • Amy Reese – Parent


Treasurer Report – $5005 In Account roughly

August we spent $1500 on lego first.

We should get the 38th Ave Check for
$2500 soon which will cover the lego money borrowed from the account to pay for

Bylaws –

7 page document and its open for anyone to see.
Reading through them would take to long.

We will read the standing rules from the bylaws.
See Below for them.

Friends of Stevens
Standing Rules – 2020/2021

Updated 9/10/20

The name of this organization shall be Friends of Stevens – Parent Teacher Student Community
Organization (PTSCO). We may be referred to as FOS or the Friends of Stevens.
We are unaffiliated with any governing organization. 

·  All families, students, and staff of Stevens Elementary School in
Wheat Ridge, Colorado are members. Any interested community representatives are
also welcome to become members by attending two meetings per fiscal year.

·  There are no dues for membership. 

·  The fiscal year shall run from July 1st to June 30th. 

·  General meetings of this association shall be held during the
school year in September, November, January, March, and May. Executive meetings
shall be held before each general meeting at a time and place determined by the

·  Quorum for general meetings will be set after the first 4 general
meetings (allowing the group to assess a typical number of participants for the

·  The officers of this association shall be: President, Vice
President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Nominations for the following school year
will be in writing and submitted to the current President one week prior to the
May meeting. Elections will be held during the May meeting. Officers shall
assume their duties on July 1st.

·  An Executive Board, consisting of association officers plus
additional representation which may include the school principal, standing
committee chairs, a student, a community member, and up to two at large
representatives, will convene between general meetings to oversee association

·  Standing Committees will be set at the May meeting for the
following school year. These will typically include: School Volunteers, Teacher
Appreciation, Nominating, etc. This can be adjusted throughout the year as needed. 

·  Friends of Stevens will follow the protocols of the Wheat Ridge
Community Foundation regarding handling of Friends of Stevens funds. 

·  Anytime Friends of Stevens money is counted, two (2) members must
be present. 

·  No more than $100.00 will be spent without a general election
vote. Remote (email) vote is legal.

·  In order to be eligible for remote (email) vote, a member must
have attended the meeting during which an issue was originally discussed;
voting by proxy is not permissible. 

·  Members have one vote per household.

·  You need to notify the Friends of Stevens president, in writing,
of business to be discussed at least 2 days prior to the next meeting. If
brought up at the meeting, the president will decide (based on availability) if
said business will be discussed at that meeting.

·  The minutes from each Friends of Stevens meeting will be posted
within 2 weeks on the Friends of Stevens website.

·  The order of business for the meetings of this association shall
be: Call to Order, Secretary’s Report, Treasurer’s Report, Committee Reports,
New Business, Unfinished Business, Announcements, Adjournment.

·  Committees and Volunteers will be called on as needed.

These standing rules
shall be read at the first general meeting of the school year, by the Secretary
and will be read by request at any meeting. They may be amended or rescinded by
a 2/3rds vote at any general meeting.

Date Read:___9-10-2020



–         Budget for year was decided on at end of
2019/2020 school year, but with current covid situation we decided we would
revisit it during this school year.

–         $1500 to first lego

–         $1000 to operations

–         $1000 for teacher appreciation

 Ways to earn money this year via fundraising

–         Restaurants, people ordering and earning money
for school

o  Panda express

o  Raising canes

o  Pizza Hutt

–         Also during raising money we could do a
community zoom night where families all get on zoom.

–         Check with fun services for an online fundraiser
and chocolate.

–         We could do recipe book from family donations.

-Should we spend the money this year or hold onto for next
year? Many of the budget request are not going to be happening this year.

-Ideas to bring in more parents to the PTO meetings?

-Maybe open the option to just have pto time for parents to vent or talk to other parents about what is going on with school, etc.

-We also had budget request we may need to vote on.

-As of now Cheyenne is working on something for Halloween,
so we will keep the $200 that is allocated for the candy.

-Need to find out if they are still doing destination

-Keeping $600 for continuation ($200 preschool, $200
Kindergarten, $200 5th grade)

-Keeping $1000 for teacher appreciation.

-Keep doing stuff for teacher of the month. $1000

-$200 for event insurance is still going to be used.

-Do away with teacher of the month and instead do $1000 in
fall and spring for teacher appreciation. Then all the staff receives something
both in fall and spring.

-We can still fundraise for specific events this year. But
also need to fundraise for next year.

-As far as newsletter goes, we will just give our stuff to
Vicki this year to put into her newsletter.

Next Open Meeting is In November

Officers Meeting is in October

School Question and Answer Next Thursday the 17th.

End Time 7:42 P.M. 

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