Open Meeting Minutes January 9, 2020

Friends Of Stevens

Open Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2020

Start 5:35 P.M.

End 7:00 P.M.


    Jen Bowen

    Jessica Hernandez

    Andrea Martin

    Ayrolyn Keady

    Amy Reese

    Cheyenne Maestas

    Rachel Hultin

    Dani Nougerer

    Steve Arvin

    Jaime Casillas

    Nathan Burns

    Liz Burns

    Antonia Leyba

    Kerri Wilson

  • Introductions
  • Old News
    • Holiday Shop made $192.25 
      • We will do it next year but possibly not use fun services as a provider of merchandise 
      • Jen Will Run it again Next year
    • Lego Done for the Year
      • Hosted the expo in December
      • We learned a lot!
      • Duncan wants to host every year
      • Steve got T-shirts and still has not found donor to pay for them. 
    • Chocolate Fundraiser
      • Keri meeting with world’s finest chocolate
      • Thinking of holding fundraiser end of February
      • Fundraiser is called World’s Finest Chocolate
      • You take orders and cash, then they send it to us all in bulk
      • Kerri will need help sorting the orders out
      • Chocolate would go out before spring break
      • 2018/2019 we made around $2900 off same fundraiser 
      • Prizes for highest sales can include going to Rockies Game
      • Possibly $100 for biggest sale
      • Send home February 14 bring back on Feb 28
    • Teacher Appreciation Week
      • Starting to apply for donations from king Soopers
      • First week of May
      • $1000 from Friends of Stevens
      • Get parents involved and have them make notes with kids for teachers
    • We have asked for money from the following
      • Colorado Plus
      • Wheat ridge Cyclery
      • 38th Ave Apts
      • Dr. Stoll
      • Side Note – Most places managers can approve small amounts of donations. 
    • Beer Fundraiser
      • Ed & Ayrolyn are meeting with Colorado plus to talk about the menu.
      • The Price of Tickets will cover food and beer
      • Looking for possible entertainment
      • Trying to do it this spring. 
    • Bylaws 
      • We are proposing adjustments for fundraising funds. 
      • We want to use this years fundraised money for following year so we can budget and not run out of money. 
      • Andrea has copy of Bylaws and What new one said
      • 2020-2021 Tentative budget request $6200
      • Vote for motion to update bylaws – Vote Is Yes
  • New Business
    • Social Media – Activity Report
      • Liz Burns will own social media.
    • Newsletter will go out before spring break
      • Anything you want to add send to Jen
      • Ayrolyn Adding in a President Note
    • Fun Opportunities for Stevens Families
      • Stevens T-shirts
        • All Online and after 19 orders or more we get a check from Custom Ink
        • Vote Yes For T-shirts
      • Rockies Tickets
        • As a Title 1 School we have access to tickets at lower price
        • We just have to pay 2 weeks before game
        • Vote Yes to Sale Rockies Tickets
      • Harkins Movie Tickets
        • $10 summer movie pass for 1x movie a week
        • School gets money back for every pass sold
        • Vote Yes
      • Rachel From City Counsel – New Community Member of FOS
        • She represents the district Stevens is in.
        • City is going to be rebuilding Wads from I-70 to 35th in about a year. 
        • She will keep us up to date on this project as it will impact some family’s drives to school.
        • PTO has a hard time civically 
        • City is adopting something called Wheat Ridge speaks. Online Forum to bring up issues without going to city counsel meetings.
        • Saturday Night District #2 is hosting community potluck to talk about 2019/2020
        • We are getting $200 from Leah Doseman personally.
    • End Of Meeting 

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