Open Meeting Minutes August 13, 2020

FOS Meeting 8/13/20


  • TJ
  • Katie Mauro
  • Jessica Hernandez (staff and parent)
  • Vicki Zeiman
  • Ayrolyn Keady (5th, kinder)
  • Andrea Martin (5th)
  • Amy Reese (4th)
  • Katie Zaback (1st)
  • Kristen Wall (1st)
  • Greg Mogab (3rd GT, 1st)
  • Mellisa M (kindergartner)

TJ’s Update

Staff has been back for 2 days; working hard on preparing everyone for the new year; leadership team coming together to create safety plans (minute by minute, arrival to dismissal); consider both staff and students

After that’s figured out, then move into instructional pieces

Expeditionary Learning network schools (only accept 8-10 schools yearly) – a lot of support, strong partnership; teachers will be immersed in training; what it looks like to be a remote learner and an in person learner so there is equity and high quality throughout; also social emotional training

Every kid and adult getting a yoga mat for outdoor classrooms

Getting sun shades/canopy tents (8) – for outdoor classrooms

Building multiple recesses and movement breaks

Lots of signs and directional hallways, posted regulations

Teachers are making fun handwashing songs


The last we talked, an aggregation of all remote students in the WR artic area?

BUT – at Stevens, all students/teachers will now be in-house; about 70% in person, about 30% remote

Magically worked out

Staff was willing to do whatever it took; some people changed some grade levels, some combined some grade levels, they were able to hire in some support

1st grader at Stevens; chose remote learning after the 2 weeks; what will that schedule look like?

For 1st, will have Oberbeck, K/1 combo; using 1st grade expeditionary learning module; 3 hours a day meeting face to face with teacher; schedule will come out so they know when to log in for the live time; independent work will be prepared by paras, out monthly or weekly; will look different than the spring; students will be face to face throughout the day for a minimum of 3 hours, which could include AMP (PE won’t likely be on Zoom, but art could do a lesson on Zoom; new spectacular art teacher; also might do music remote); – all teachers either remote or online will be using the same curriculum; at home student will receive the same high quality education

Kinder ipad – use the ipad until 2nd grade (not a chrome book)

IEP special education services – how will these be delivered if fully remote?

Amelia Larimer is the spec ed partner, and will communicate those plans out, plus also lead SPED teacher at stevens; information coming

100% remote; at what point if they wanted to change their mind, when, what does this look like?

Change your mind up until 2 weeks after the 1st day of school; at that point, keep that until the end of the 1st trimester (end of November)

Flexibility, e.g., needing to quarantine…continuity plan?

Curriculum will be the same in-person or remote; could go remote for a family reason, same instruction

Plan still to do synchronized learning for the remote and in person, so it’s essentially a live stream during class time?

Yes, for GT learners, but not for all students; but, there will be three hours of synchronous learning for everyone;

All kids who are remote, three hours per day; all but GT/talent pool, dedicated remote teacher; GT/talent pool will have a GT teacher for both in person and GT (GT para will be helping with materials/supplies)

When will the 3 hours be? (Has to share the schedule with a grandmother)

Most likely will have EL lesson, questions, then independt work time, then math lesson, questions, then independent work time; will receive very specific schedule from teacher about when to log in

K/1st split; how is the teacher going to differentiate the lessons to make sure it’s at the appropriate levels?

Whole group – use texts related to 1st grade for themes/contents; day divided into skills blocks/skill building times; based on where the students specifically are; K and 1st might not be online at exactly the same time all day; with k/1, looks a little different because building foundational skills…more small groups (e.g., 6-10 kids at a time); whole group instruction and small group instruction)

In spring – there was a teacher planning day; but this fall there will class M-F (five days of instruction each week)

Minute-by-minute plans will come the first week when we do orientation with the teacher – one on one meeting; exact arrival time, exact dismissal time; could be different by grade level; 5th grade will release earlier than the others, staggered; we’ll get a playbook (what the day looks like)

How big are in-person cohorts? None over 25; big rooms, so able to spread out kids within the classrooms and bu8ilding

When in the classrooms – six feet of spacing? Or face mask the whole time?

Not allowed to take off masks; they will get “face breaks” to take them off; Spaced 3 feet apart

Same group of kids all day long (classroom crew); they can send pictures of what classrooms will look like; all facing front (old school); a lot of rituals/routines about interacting in a safe way

Do face masks have to go behind their ear?

District will give one to every student; can use your own; there will be guidelines sent home about what masks should look like

Diagnostic testing? GT director was talking about how they aren’t sure what testing will look like

Map? Level setting testing?

Guidance so far for in-person and remote, is they will continue to do Map testing, dibbles for k-3 (online); also istation monthly to figure out where kids are at and what they need to learn

Remote teaching team – building relationship with parents/students; assessment is for the student, so parents are not assisting; support kids from school/parents support from home

Way for parents to access the istation data more frequently? (Likely use tutor, could use data to help guide that)

Yes, you can log in and get information through the parent portal; will get this information during the first week about how to access and see where the gaps are; istation assessment is done at the beginning of every month for math and reading

How to support staff?

Patient, flexible, love them, ask questions, be open in communication; chocolate; if ever concerned please reach out so we don’t have gaps between the community and the school; all part of the learning process; interesting to see what community engagement looks like; they can get up to 250 on Zoom – what does this look like? How do we address family engagement?

How are families doing?

Have to figure it out – hard to make guesses about things we haven’t experienced yet; changing up learning model for the fall, more accountability for at-home work, etc.; give it time to gather information/data about what it looks like; every family needs something different; be non-judgmental…everyone making the decision that is best for them

100% teacher retention this year

Crew is excited, enthused, ready; no negative language; want to do what’s right by kids

Fees? – should be right in the portal right now (e.g., took off the yearbook, not sure if we’ll have it); elementary school things are pretty much the same; go ahead and pay

Yearbook from last year?

Trying to decide what to do; in school kids will get it to bring home

For remote learners, will try to get it to them another way

Could stop by between 7:30 and noon; could run it out to you

Some remote families may need to do some device switching, too

Will 5th graders get new chrome books?

Yes, this is a district level decision; all will get a brand new chrome book, and that will follow them to middle school; last year’s 4th graders will have to bring in the one they used last year

Shopping list – same for both remote and in person…but do I really need 5 boxes of Kleenex for own house? Vicki gave the teachers an opportunity to change the list (only 4th/5th changed); use common sense related to Kleenex, wipes, etc.; Vicki just found out they can’t use Clorox wipes at school; alcohol wipes instead

Let’s have another call in another 2 weeks…keep people updated

Standard PTO meetings will be set separately; be via zoom this year; still will have add on meetings – see the Stevens website and they’ll be in Vicki’s emails

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