Officer Meeting Minutes December 12, 2019

Friends of Stevens 

Officers Meeting Minutes


Start Time 5:30pm


    Ayrolyn Keady

    Jen Bowen Cross

    Andrea Martin

    Anna Ortega

  • We have Insurance Now
  • Treasurer Report
    • $3666 in bank
    • Including $250 from Lee Knowles
    • Before Deductions for Food & Cups & Plates for Lego Event
    • $189 for Insurance
    • $3241 Left over
  • PT conferences $150 extra was spent but Ana told them to go spend the money and covered from other funds
  • We also are putting a donation bucket out at Lego Event
  • Chris Eden is running a Destination Imagination program and asked for $2000 from us. 
  • We need volunteers and more help
  • Anticipated budget 2020/2021 
    • $300 for Carnation Festival Parade
    • $600 PT conference staff dinner
    • $200 Halloween Candy
    • $200 Kindergarten Graduation
    • $200 Preschool continuation
    • $1000 Teacher Appreciation
    • $500 Teacher of the Month
    • $200 Insurance
    • $2000 First Lego
    • $2000 D.I.
    • $8400 Total, but we vote on what we spend on.
  • No End of the Year Carnival
  • Beer Dinner would be multi-courses and beer. Ed Would talk about the different beers.
  • Possibly look at renaming the event
  • Do We want to set up tables at registration to ask for donations and get word out about PTO
  • Newsletter Ad Donation Request also ask Vicki to add to her Newsletter
  • Sign Up genius for PTO for general volunteer needs
  • Add a Thermometer for PTO fundraising on our bulletin board
  • Dani is Working on the K.S. Gift Cards
  • Look at a Walmart grant
  • Also look at xcel energy grant
  • Ask Amy, Dani and Antonia if they reached out to walmert.
  • How do we feel about using the money we raised this year, vote on next meeting.
  • Ideally we need $10,000 a year or more! 

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