Meeting Minutes Open Meeting 11-14-19

Friends of Stevens Meeting Minutes November 14, 2019

In Attendance:

Ayrolyn Keady 

 Antonia Leyba 

 Steve Arvin 

 Kerri Wilson

 Jessica Hernandez 

 Jen Bowen Cross

 Dani Novguier

 Amy Reese

Cheyenne Maestas

Katy Mauro

Andrea Martin

TJ McManus

Kyle Hewitt

Start Time: 5:41 P.M. 

-Welcome New Members

    – Must Attended 2 meetings to be able to vote

    -Looking for Community Member to Join

    -Each household only gets one vote

    -Looking for a Student to Join also

    -Explained who FOS was and how the PTO worked


    -Ayrolyn Keady – President and Parent

    – Antonia Leyba – Parent

    – Steve Arvin – Lego 1st 

    – Kerri – Treasurer

    – Jessica Hernandez – Restorative Practice Liaison at Stevens

    – Jen Bowen Cross- Parent and Secretary

– Dani Novguier – Kindergarten Mom

    – Amy Reese- 3rd Grade Mom

    – Cheyenne Maestas – Family Liaison at Stevens

    – Katy Mauro – Principle Intern at Stevens

    – Andrea Martin – Vice Chair

-Secretary Report

    – Read Minutes from Officer Meeting on Oct 10

-Treasurer Report 

    – Account Balance on July 1st was $1894.84

    – Received $4377.90

    -Balance $3622.57

    – Received money from Dentist, Luckies Foundation, Tyler Downs, Kerri Selling Chocolate, Steve                           and his wife set up reoccurring monthly Donation. 

    – Money Used for Parade, 1st Lego, Newsletters, Conference Food, Website Registration

    – Certain Money is allocated to Operations Cost such as website and newsletter

    – $1685 Duncan spent on Lego

    – Lego Owes General Fund $185.00

    – We spent $670 in November on Food For conferences, 10 Gift Cards at $25 each for staff awards, but all Gift Cards are bought for remainder of year, and also for Renewal of Website

– Kyle Hewitt, our webmaster, may not return next year so please ask around if anyone would be interested in taking his position. He Runs the Website. 

– Should We allocate this years fundraising money to be used for next year or this year? 

    – Further discussion in December Officers Meeting to be talked about. 

    – Will Vote on in January

– Lego Expo 

    – December 13th at Stevens, kids are presenting there different boom town builds, and will be reviewed. 

    – Will Need Volunteers, which there is a signup genius 

    – We are sending 4 teams from Stevens

    – PTO Providing Food

    – We are receiving $250 from the Applewood Community Foundation towards the $500 we need. 

    – Steve is working on getting 50 T-shirts made for this kids and is needing $350.00

– Donating online cost us $ we prefer a check made to Friends of Stevens

– We don’t pay Sales Tax

-Holiday Shop

    – Details

    – Volunteers will be needed

– Sign Up genius

    – Ran through the school 

    – Volunteers working with kids need to be background checked

– Teacher of the Month

    – October was Cheyenne

– Teacher Appreciation

    – Week of May 8th

    – Charity Newman is Chair

    – Allocated $1000 for it. 

    – 65 on Staff per TJ

– Finding New Donations

– Chocolate Fundraiser in February

– Beer Fundraiser, still in conversation 

– Steve is going to Recommend Insurance

Ending Time : 6:51 P.M. 

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